Links to Mapping Software and User Guides

Links to Mapping Software and User Guides

Dave’s Redistricting App

DRA 2020 is a free web app to create, view, analyze and share redistricting maps for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. DRA 2020 includes demographic data from the 2010 census and 2018 5-Year ACS estimates and extensive election data. Official congressional and legislative district maps are included and can be used to start new maps, or you can create maps from scratch. A comprehensive feature set makes it easy to create and modify maps while keeping them within the accepted parameters. DRA 2020 also includes a rich set of analytics, including measures of proportionality, competitiveness, minority representation, compactness, and splitting.


Districtr is a free, public web tool for districting and community identification, brought to you by the MGGG Redistricting Lab. The tool is entirely in-browser with no login and no downloads, it works on tablets as well as computers, and each map is assigned its own web address for easy sharing. The goal of Districtr is to put the tools of redistricting in the hands of the public, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of civil rights organizations, community groups, and redistricting commissions. The intention was to create a mapping tool whose fundamental principle is to ask the community what matters. With maps that build Communities of Interest around relevant zones and landmarks, paired with community narratives, we can start to see local interests come to life.

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