Podcasting Challenge
Create one 5 minute podcast from a topic in the WOSU/CET course “Voting, Civics and Getting to Know Your Government”.

How the Podcast Challenge works.  

We, the sponsors, are challenging students to explore a civics topic by creating a podcast.  The student should select a topic and personalize it.   Topics are covered in the online curriculum (link).  Students will examine topics by one of the following methods:

  • interview a person or group 
  • explore a current issue that relates to one of the topics 
  • create a self-reflective podcast that explores a topic through their own personal experience

Register and Upload file:  https://forms.gle/S1k1Me1wSR9jKmrF6

Competition:  $1000.00 in prizes to the top three podcasts.  $500 top prize and $250 for the 2 runners-up.  The top 10 entrants will be shared on the IHEARTRADIO podcast platform.  

Sub Theme to Consider: 

A study published by the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement at Tufts University, divided civic engagement into three categories: civic, electoral, and political voice.[7] Scholars of youth engagement online have called for a broader interpretation of civic engagement that focuses on the purpose behind current institutions and activities and include emerging institutions and activities that achieve the same purposes.[8] These civic engagement researchers suggest that the reduction of civic life into small sets of explicitly electoral behaviors may be insufficient to describe the full spectrum of public involvement in civic life.

Measures of civic engagement[7]



Political voice

Community problem solving

Regular voting

Contacting officials

Regular volunteering for a non-electoral organization

Persuading others to vote

Contacting the print media

Active membership in a group or association

Displaying buttons, signs, stickers

Contacting the broadcast media

Participation in fund-raising run/walk/ride

Campaign contributions


Other fund-raising for charity

Volunteering for candidate or political organizations

Email petitions

Run for Political office

Registering voters

Written petitions and canvassing

Symbolic Non-Participation



Students can submit their podcast entries by January 10, 2021

“The practice of democracy is not passed down through our gene pool.  It must be taught and learned anew by each generation of citizens.”  Sandra Day O’Connor Source: icivics.com


  1. One entry per student
  2. Must be a student enrolled in an academic institution, home school or independently working toward a diploma 
  3. The entrant must select one of the topics in the Voting & Civics: Know Your Government
  4. The theme must explore a concept or issue associated with a topic
  5. Deadline for submission:  January 10, 2021
  6. Questions: https://forms.gle/ocJ5yEQ7AzL1BKLH9
  7.  Register and Upload file: https://forms.gle/S1k1Me1wSR9jKmrF6


  1. The student will decide on how to record the podcast
  2. We do not provide instructions for tools or equipment, however, here is a list of recommended resources (see Tools):
  3. The content submitted by the entrant is solely the view of the entrant
  4. Get The Vote Out reserves the right to eliminate any submission that violates any copyright, plagiarism, or anything deemed inappropriate.
  5. By submitting your content you are agreeing to allow the submission to be shared publicly on IHEARTRADIO and other platforms at the discretion of Get The Vote Out
  6. The content will not be sold or distributed without expressed permission from Get The Vote Out
  7. Questions: Complete the following form https://forms.gle/ocJ5yEQ7AzL1BKLH9
  8. Register and Upload file:  https://forms.gle/S1k1Me1wSR9jKmrF6


Mobile Podcasting applications

The following article provides a brief overview of iOS and Android applications




Free iOS  Android

No account required

Lessons in Creating a Podcast



Podcast Host


Zoom to record a Podcast




League of Women Voters of Ohio, WOSU, SOITA, CET PBS, iHeartRadio, Vote Responsibly, The Ohio History Connection, Can’t Stop Columbus and the Ohio Council for Social Studies and Common Cause Ohio, Educational Service Centers.