Quizzes in Google Forms: Introduction
Introduction to this Course
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Class Syllabus

Contact Hours: 4

Course Learning Objective: Learners will demonstrate how to create a quiz using Google Forms. 

Demonstration of Learning: Learners will create a quiz using Google Forms in which they demonstrate: adding questions, creating an answer key, and adding customizable features.

How it works:

  1. Online instruction is delivered through videos, lessons, and activities.
  2. You set your own schedule and work through the course at your own pace.
  3. Complete the Check for Understanding in each lesson.
  4. Complete the final assignment demonstrating Quizzes in Google Forms skills for course certification. 
  5. You will share a link to your quiz.
  6. Your final assignment will be reviewed and a certificate will be issued upon successful completion.
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Kara Hutchinson