Voting & Civics: Know Your Ohio Government
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Know Your Government  

CRAFT THE VOTE registerThe "Know Your Government" learning curriculum is designed to engage students "to do" while exploring and learning.   Students will actively participate as a citizen while increasing their knowledge of how the government and elections work.  Exercises include registering to vote, writing to a politician, conducting mock elections, voting, and learning about various roles and structures in government.  Instructors and students are encouraged to explore and complete any or all of the activities. 

Mission Statement

This nonpartisan endeavour is to empower and engage young adult Ohio voters about the role of civics, their duties, and responsibilities in elections and to strengthen democracy.


Be A Poll WrkerCreate nonpartisan free online resources and a curriculum for all Ohio voting age students in civics with the goal of registering and recruiting Board of Election workers for the November 2020 election. The guiding framework was designed to allow instructors to select content and resources to integrate within their existing curriculum. 

Sponsors include: League of Women Voters of Ohio, CET/WOSU, iHeartRadio, Vote Responsibly: Get The Vote Out, The Ohio History Connection, Can’t Stop Columbus, the Ohio Council for Social Studies, Common Cause Ohio, Equality Ohio and EduTechnologic.  Equaltiy Ohio is the fiscal sponsor for the Get The Vote Out.  

Governor Mike Dewine

Mailing in your ballot

Message from Lt Governor John Husted

Voting Early


Civics Instructor