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Supplemental Resources
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Famous Americans on the Civics Test
Twelve Americans are highlighted on the civics test for naturalization. To introduce their roles and historical contributions, display these 8.5” x 11” portraits in your classroom. Try the following strategies to help your students understand how these Americans influenced the course of our history as well as our lives today. Use the corresponding flash cards for games and activities to reinforce content from your lesson.
Civics as Seen Through An Artistic Lens
Find the creative artist inside you. Make a piece of art that depicts how the power of the people can improve democracy by voting. It can be a drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, or anything you can dream up.
Civics Tik Tok Style
Create a short “Tik Tok” style video. It can be on state agencies or something else that you can make fun and creative.
Virtual Video Call
Get a group of 2 to 4 friends together on a Zoom or virtual group call. Come up with 5 ways to motivate friends/family to register and to vote.
COVID Interview
Interview 5 people asking how Covid may impact the method in which they vote
Additional Teacher Resources
Additional tools, lesson plans, content to support the content.
Instructor Guide for Activity: Analyze the impact of 19th century and early 20th century social movements Worksheet
Instructor Guide for Activity: Evaluate the effectiveness of the 19th Amendment