The Legislature
The Legislature

A legislature is a body of individuals elected by the people to enact laws on behalf of the citizens. The United States Congress is the federal legislative body, and the Ohio General Assembly is the state legislative body. Local legislative representation in Ohio is dependent on the local government structure. Each level of representation has the power to enact laws that fall within its jurisdiction.

Congress enacts federal laws, and the Ohio General Assembly enacts state laws. The laws enacted by Congress cannot violate the U.S. Constitution, and the Ohio General Assembly cannot pass laws that conflict with the U.S. or Ohio constitutions. In addition to representing citizens, the U.S. Congress and the Ohio General Assembly have the duty to impeach and oust members of the executive branch who have committed certain crimes while in office.
Beyond legislative representation, Ohio citizens have the constitutional right to propose state laws themselves through the initiative process, and to reject laws passed by the legislature through the referendum process.
The Legislature
The Legislature
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Branches of Ohio Government
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