The Executive Supplemental Agencies
The Executive

Supplemental Agencies

The operation of state government relies on a variety of boards, commissions, authorities and councils that provide services focused on particular issues that often cannot be addressed by larger government departments. Many supplemental agencies are fully staffed and operate daily while others have minimal staffing and may not function on a daily basis. Funding for each agency is dependent on how the organization was established.

Supplemental agencies can be created by the governor, the legislature or major departments. While the governor may appoint members to boards and commissions, the balance of powers requires that the Senate consent to the governor’s appointments. Many of these supplementary agencies have been included in the discussion of the state departments to which they are related. Some started as state agencies and for various reasons the government converted them to nonprofit agencies. They and others of a more general nature are treated separately here.
The Executive Supplemental Agencies
The Executive Supplemental Agencies
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